Album: RL Grime – PLAY

RL Grime PLAY album showcases his exceptional talent and versatility through captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Immerse yourself in RL Grime PLAY album, where infectious melodies and heartfelt composition reveal his unique style and artistry, creating a captivating musical experience.



  1. [PLAY™ APEX]
  2. Ultrawide
  3. NME w/ JAWNS
  4. Zone
  5. Jewel w/ ISOxo
  6. Runner
  7. Breach w/ Juelz
  8. Delta
  9. [PLAY™ GRID]
  10. Keep You (Close)
  11. RL Grime & Montell2099 – Borderline ft. EMELINE
  12. Street Sweeper w/ 1nonly
  13. Lose My Mind w/ Reo Cragun
  14. Slow Dive w/ Bea Miller
  15. Pour Your Heart Out ft. 070 Shake
  16. RL Grime, Sublab, & Baauer – I Am The Ocean ft. Noomi
  17. [PLAY™ RUSH]
  18. I Think I’m Getting Emotional
  19. Metro North
  20. Push
  21. Howling Fjord
  22. Around Me
  23. Hikari
  24. The Afterglow

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