Fast And Furious 10: What Car Does Vin Diesel Drive?

Fast And Furious 10: What Car Does Vin Diesel Drive?. Dom Toretto and his Corona-swilling family have driven in their fair number of Fast films, but here’s the car Vin Diesel drives in Fast X.

Vin Diesel has become the face of the Fast and Furious franchise throughout its evolution from a grubby street race thriller to one of Hollywood’s most reliable and glamorous franchises. And he has been accompanied by some stunning cars over the years.

Dom Toretto is, in many ways, defined by the cars he drives in the Fast and Furious movies. After all, a man who so famously lives his life a quarter-mile at a time has to make good choices for how he moves along those quarter-miles.

The new movie in the Fast and Furious franchise once again puts Dom behind the wheel of some definitive American muscle cars. It’s one of the best movies of the year so far, as we explained in our Fast X review, and it features some seriously hefty machines. But what car does Vin Diesel drive in Fast and Furious 10, and what does it tell us about him?

What car does Vin Diesel drive in Fast X?

Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto still drives his trusty Dodge Charger in Fast X, though there’s also an electric model in the mix this time.

Look, Dom Toretto definitely has a type when it comes to his wheels. Much like Diesel, he’s a big lover of a Dodge, and for Toretto, his classic Dodge Charger has been with him through thick and twin. While the best Fast and Furious characters have often flirted with different cars, Toretto and his Charger are consistent.

But that’s not to say that there isn’t some variety. Dom drives a selection of very powerful Chargers during Fast X, and there’s even an appearance from the new electric Charger Daytona concept car. Yep, cinema’s most petrol-infused franchise is turning its head towards cleaning up the environment – at least a little.

Unsurprisingly, someone as self-assured and straightforward as Dom would stick to his guns when choosing his car. His Dodge Charger is strong, powerful, and he knows it as well as any member of his family. It fits him like a glove, and he sees no reason to change it.

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